White woman with brown eyes, smiling, short brown and gray hair wearing pink sweater and white necklace with green outdoorsy background

Laura Bond Williams, M.A.

Success Coach and Consultant -- Create a Future that Moves You and Get from What's Now to What's Next (she/her)

Hi, I'm Laura, and I help you get moving right now to what's next -- no matter where you feel stuck.

I help clients of all ages and stages -- and especially former dancers, athletes and artists -- reclaim what moves them so they can get going and create what's next.

Whether you're feeling stuck in your body, career or relationship, we can discover the strengths that made you successful and create a future more exciting and rewarding than your past.

Together, we get you moving so you'll feel:

  • More confident in your decisions at work and at home

  • More connected to your creativity and athleticism

  • More productive and in control of your time and energy, no matter what's happening at work or at home.

How do we do it? Together.

Let's talk. (Read on.)

About Me

I'm cheering for you!

For 25 years, my career included creating and managing public relations and corporate communications campaigns in entertainment, business, education and nonprofit industries. I changed lanes multiple times: from nonprofit publicist to tech PR specialist; from corporate communication to agency PR account executive; from agency PR manager to freelance writer and publicist; and from freelancer to small business co-owner.

And now: life coach.

I know how to navigate transitions with confidence, and you can, too.

Along the way, I also cultivated my lifelong love of the performing arts including popular and classical music and dance, working as a publicist, producer, manager and performer. Pursuing dance as a "born again dancer" in my late thirties, I discovered and created opportunities to perform dozens of times in shows of all sizes across Texas -- musicals, plays, music videos, revues, TV shows and festivals -- and produce dance performances that inspire and entertain.

Ready to discover what's next for you?

Please schedule a consult today, and let's talk about where you want to go and how you'll get there.

STILL DANCING ATX (and me, far left in green) performing "Turkey Lurkey Time" from the Broadway musical PROMISES, PROMISES as part of the Veterans Administration holiday show in 2018.

STILL DANCING ATX has performed for thousands of people in Austin, Texas, as seen in the Wall Street Journal.