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Personal Essays and Articles by Laura Bond Williams, M.A.

Writing , interviewing , gathering and synthesizing information, ideas and experiences are the backbone of my 25+ year career in public relations and stretch back to my four years as a student journalist at DePauw University. 

As a publicist, spokesperson, strategist, producer and consultant, I served clients of all sizes across industries from entertainment and social services to healthcare and telecom and of all sizes: Fortune 50 companies, nonprofits, local small businesses, and professional services firms,  as well as writers, artists, consultants, musicians and entrepreneurs. 

Today I enjoy writing personal essays and articles about mine and others' journeys in personal and professional growth, highlighting hobbies and pastimes that transform us and create lives that we love.

Curious about what might be next for you?  If you're craving change to create a life you love,  learn more about working with me as your coach.

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